Why am I having irregular periods after my marriage

Irregular periods after marriage? Have a read!

Periods occur every month on a schedule that can sometimes be interrupted. Irregular periods occur if menstrual cycle is less than 24 days or more than 38 days, or if the cycle varies from month to month by more than 20 days. Marriage may influence a woman’s menstrual cycle and alter some of the symptoms of menstruation. Marriage could influence few factors of menstruation and that may bring about the connection between irregular periods and marriage. Irregular or missed periods could mean lack of ovulation which often occurs in PCOD and needs PCOD treatment in Chennai. When period interruptions become regular and delayed or make the cycle harder to predict, it can become a concern for women especially when they want to get pregnant. 

Reasons for irregular periods after marriage

To attain mental, physical, emotional and reproductive health in case of irregular periods after marriage, it is essential to learn about irregular menstrual cycles and the reality behind them. It is important for a woman to understand what the reasons for delayed or irregular period may be, so as to ensure that she stays calm and stress free at such times. Some of the reasons why irregular periods could occur after marriage are: 

Stress – It is normal for women to feel a bit stressed soon after marriage. Hormones that regulate menstrual period could be altered by stress that is encountered from being newly married. Planning and having a wedding can bring about a lot of stress physically and emotionally. It can also be stressful while adjusting to a new life and responsibilities. Discussions for mutual consent on when to have children, the vulnerability of the huge commitment taken over and other mental stress during this period of life are some of the extreme situations that can become one of the major factors that leads to irregular periods. Stress seems to mess with the menstrual flow. From studies, scientists found an association between high stress levels and irregular periods. This stress may cause changes in the menstrual cycle that should get back to normal once the woman settles in her new life and stress levels decrease and subside.

Birth Control – One of the many side effects of birth control that is most commonly experienced by women is a change in their menstrual cycle. If a woman has decided to take contraceptive pills or get a patch or IUD after her marriage, irregular periods might result from the body adjusting to the birth control method. Birth control pills and patches prevent ovulation to stop pregnancy and this can make miss periods occasionally, cause irregular periods or even absent altogether. Though IUDs are devised not to halt ovulation entirely, women getting an IUD may experience irregular periods in the first year. In contrast, if birth control pills that are often prescribed for irregular periods as part of PCOD treatment have been stopped after marriage, menstrual cycle could be adjusting back with irregular periods. A PCOS specialist in Chennai should be consulted to rule this out. If it is about going on or off a birth control method that is causing irregular periods, other means of contraception that are available and are equally effective should be opted for.

Pregnancy After marriage, a drastic spike in sexual activity that is very normal, could lead to becoming pregnant. Missed periods is the foremost indication for pregnancy, but other irregularities, such as spotting and implantation bleeding during early pregnancy may resemble a light period and could be mistaken for irregular periods after marriage. It is possible to become pregnant if a birth control pill has been missed or if birth control measure is stopped. If there is a missed period or menstrual irregularities after unprotected sex, use a home pregnancy test to know if pregnant. Other early signs of pregnancy to note for may include fatigue, sore breasts or nipples, nausea, bloating and mild cramps.

Weight gain/loss – Rapid change in body weight has shown to cause irregular periods. Marriage seems to increase the risk for weight gain in women. There are several factors such as marital satisfaction, lack of necessity to search for a mate or changes in diet such as heavy meals together and celebrating with sweets that may contribute towards weight gain. According to scientific research, the amount of oestrogen the body produces is affected by body fat. More oestrogen is produced by women with more body fat than women with less body fat. This increase in oestrogen after marriage can cause irregular periods.  Whatever the reasons may be, weight gain or loss after marriage is not unusual but that fluctuation in body fat can alter the menstrual cycle. A review conducted on menstruating women revealed that irregular weight but this can be managed by losing or gaining those extra kilos through lifestyle changes.

Lack of sleep – Sleep schedule might be disturbed temporarily after marriage. Sharing the bed with the partner could take time to adjust in to getting good sleep. As per a 2016 review, night time disturbances such as heavy breathing, snoring and tossing in bed from their partners were reported more often by women than men. Suffering from sleepless nights could disrupt the circadian rhythm that could cause higher stress and irregular periods. But it is noteworthy to know that there is positive association between sharing the bed and sleeping well. So, it is just a matter of taking some time or some remedies to keep sleeping pattern in sync.

Dealing with health condition – Common conditions that can affect periods are anaemia, perimenopause, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids and certain medicines. In cases of conditions like thyroid abnormalities, it can cause a delay or irregular periods. This is one of the reasons why thyroid functions should be checked every 6 months even after marriage. Another very common condition that can cause irregular periods and may be noticed only after marriage is PCOD. Symptoms can be managed under the guidance of Chennai PCOS clinic, that usually include medications and lifestyle modifications for irregular periods. 

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