PCOS and Acne


The incidence of Acne in women with PCOS is reported to be around 20 to 40%. In PCOS, while many women exhibit facial acne, some women have reported to have acne in the neck, chest and upper back regions. Acne being one of the worrying cutaneous manifestations of PCOS is different from acne vulgaris which … Read more

How to get pregnant with PCOS and no period?

PCOS and breast cancer

The issues most women with PCOS face are not having regular periods and infertility. So,the question that haunts them is how to get pregnant with pcos and no period. Read on and you will find elaborate answers.

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Can PCOS be cured?

If you have you recently had an ultrasound test for infertility issues or menstrual irregularities and your report says polycystic ovaries, your mind may be flooding with questions such as “What is pcos ?”, “Can pcos be cured?”,  ‘Is there a PCOS treatment?” “Is it possible getting pregnant with pcos ?” and so on.In this article we will elaborate on those aspects of PCOS.

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