PCOS & Pregnancy


This is Dr Manu, senior consultant in reproductive medicine and I have a specialized interest in dealing with PCOS.

Much of my lives work has been spend around helping people with PCOS conceive naturally & also reverse this disease with simple treatments

In today’s awesome round up article we are going to discuss on common pregnancy related complications that can occur in PCOS patients 


A large number of women with PCOS end up with gestational diabetes (GDM). GDM is nothing but elevated blood sugars that are seen for the first time in a pregnancy. 

The bottom line is…

It affects fetal development and can definitely impair your child’s growth. 

GDM affects over 7% of all women. The incidence rate are much higher in women with PCOS though.

Either way, getting period and regular antenatal check ups and visits can itself help control unwanted complications. 

Strictly, following your doctor’s advice, closely monitoring your blood sugar is the best thing you can do for a safe and complication free pregnancy.

PCOS and pregnancy


Numerous studies have shown that pcod women during pregnancy are at an increased risk of hypertensive disorders. 

The exact reason as to why this occurs remains a mystery. 

A hypertensive disorder is probably the last thing you want in your pregnancy. Hypertension during a pregnancy can be kept under control with the right combination of medications and lifestyle habits

Although, most women with hypertensive disorders will deliver normal healthy children, serious complications can occur if timely intervention and diagnosis is not done.  


One of the biggest health risks in PCOS is weight gain. This weight gain leads to further hormonal imbalances that can wreck havoc to your pregnancy

This predisposes the patient to develop…

  1. Gestational Diabetes
  2. Hypertension during pregnancy
  3. Preterm birth
  4. Hypertensive disorders
  5. Lastly, C-Section based deliveries
Thus, the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight and taking proper nutrition during pregnancy becomes top priority for any women going through motherhood. 

Getting the right treatment for PCOS can go in a long way in helping you achieve a healthy normal delivery with a healthy baby!

Here are some quick tips you can follow!

1. Remember to regularly visit your doctor for all the antenatal checks
2. Eat healthy!
3. Exercise everyday
4. Avoid sedentary lifestyle habits (do not laze around)
5. Closely monitor your blood sugars. 

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