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This is Dr Manu, senior consultant in reproductive medicine and I have a specialized interest in dealing with PCOS.

Much of my lives work has been spend around helping people with PCOS conceive naturally & also reverse this disease with simple pcos Acne treatment strategies

In today’s awesome 3 minute read article we are going to discuss on the association of certain dermatological conditions with PCOS

PCOS & Acne:

Upto 30% of women with PCOS develop ‘irritating acne’. 

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing these nasty acne develop along the jaw line, cheek and other areas of the face. But,

Why do these acne develop?

Over 50% of experts thing hormonal imbalance is associated with acne, while another 50% think its got nothing to do with your hormones.

But in PCOS, there is definitely some association between the acne and increased amount of circulating testosterone in women with PCOS.

The more the androgens, the more the sebum secretion in the skin pore cells and thus more acne.

Thus it becomes important to cure the disease from within to reverse these effects. 

How to cure acne?

While medical management definitely has some role to play, we believe in treatments that are more natural.

Numerous studies have suggested benefits from using the following treatment strategies

A. Eat a low carb diet

B. Avoid dairy products

C. Lose weight

D.Use topical tea tree oil

Of course, there are a host of other treatment strategies we routinely use for our patients.

But, do try the suggestions above!

Now let us move on to the next most troublesome dermatology condition


Many women with PCOS develop excess hair growth in areas of the body they are not normally supposed to be. 

The hair is usually coarse, thick and is seen on the face, arms, back and chest

This typical growth pattern of hair growth is also called ‘virilization’. 

Studies have suggested that 3 out of 4 women with hirsutism will have PCOS

Of course, 

Not all excess hair is due to PCOS. Adrenal gland disorders and use of certain medications can also lead to excess hair growth.

Thus a multidisciplinary team based approach is necessary to properly diagnose and assess the reason for the hirsutism before embarking on any therapy.

Ultimately, treating the PCOS combined with cosmetic laser hair removal is a reasonable solution for most women suffering from excess hair growth

Most topical creams and medications are not very effective in removing the excess hair.

Moreover, the fundamental pathology of excess androgen’s leading to the hair growth is not corrected in women suffering from PCOS.

Hope you enjoyed reading this short article!

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