PCOS & Weight Issues


This is Dr Manu, senior consultant in reproductive medicine and I have a specialized interest in dealing with PCOS.

Much of my lives work has been spend around helping people with PCOS conceive naturally & also reverse this disease with simple treatments

In today’s awesome round up article we are going to discuss about body weight and its risk of PCOS

PCOS & Weight Gain:

For most women with PCOS, weight loss is a major struggle. Even losing a few pounds can be extremely tiring and frustrating experience.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder, and the biggest issues with it is that it make your body “less sensitive to insulin”

When your body is less sensitive to circulating insulin, what eventually happens is that, sugar that we intake is not efficiently broken down by the cells. 

Eventually, weight gain occurs!. Moreover with PCOS, combined with insulin resistance, weight gain, the risk of type of Diabetes increases.

Abdominal fat in PCOS: 

Women with PCOS gain weight due to insulin resistance.

This insulin resistance also plays a key role in increasing the secretion of Androgens (male hormones).

These male hormones then typically cause weight gain in the abdominal region. This type of fat is probably the worst there is, since it is strongly associated with the risk of heart disease. 

Not just heart disease, but also the following conditions listed below

  1. Sleep apnoea
  2. Hypertension
  3. Infertility
  4. Irregular periods
  5. Acne
  6. Diabetes

The truth is, weight gain in itself can trigger all health complications from an underlying PCOS. 

Losing weight with PCOS:

Losing weight then is probably the most sensible thing to do if you have PCOS.

But weight loss should be healthy and consistent.

Formulating a scientific diet that does not make you starve or malnourished, combining certain supplements and lastly 45 mins of exercise is all you need.

In our clinical experience, we have helped 1000’s of women lose weight and effectively reverse PCOS..

While many reproductive medicine experts commonly prescribe medications like Metformin for weight loss, we do not believe it is the right treatment strategy to adopt.

Formulating an individualized diet, combining it with exercise and a few other supplements is what you need.

PCOS and its triad of weight gain, infertility are the most common PCOS symptoms we see in our clinic. 

Setting realistic treatment goals and acting on them can definitely help you not just in losing weight, but in effectively reversing PCOS for good!

Clinical studies have established the fact that even a 5% reduction in weight can improve your chances of conception by over 50%. 

Interestingly, in women who have irregular cycles, losing even 5% of their body weight can make their cycles completely normal. This is regardless of their underlying PCOS!. 

So, I hope you now understand the seriousness and of course importance of healthy weight loss.

If you are struggling with PCOS and weight loss issues..

Get in touch with us below!. We will definitely help your through your problem. That’s a promise!

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