Irregular Periods:
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This is Dr Manu, senior consultant in reproductive medicine, and in this article let us try to understand a bit about irregular periods.

Now for most women, the average menstrual cycle lasts for about 28 days. 

However, some women may get their cycles in less than 24 days or more than 35 days. 

Either way, getting your periods to frequently or too rarely are both signs of irregular periods.

The womens menstrual cycle is dominated by two key hormones. They are namely estrogen & progesterone. 

Whenever there is an imbalance in these hormones, irregular periods result. 

In over 60% of women with PCOS, cycle regularity is lost. 

The most important fact to bear in mind is that, PCOS alone is not the sole cause of irregular periods. 

Their are numerous other causes. Some other causes include

A. Too much exercise
B. Stress, extreme weight loss
C. Thyroid problems
D. Pelvic diseases
E. Uterine or cervical malignancies

Thus, the treatment strategy for irregular periods ultimately depends on the cause. 

Irregular periods with PCOS for example can be easily treated with lifestyle and dietary interventions. 

Either way, making a diagnosis is the most crucial aspect as far as managing irregular periods is concerned. 

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