PCOS & Breast problems


This is Dr Manu, senior consultant in reproductive medicine and I have a specialized interest in dealing with PCOS.

Much of my lives work has been spend around helping people with pcos conceive naturally & also reverse this disease with simple treatments

In today’s awesome round up article we are going to discuss on the association of certain breast issues with PCOS

PCOS & Breast Cancer:

First things first, let me make one thing very clear…

No direct association has been made between the incidence of breast cancer and PCOS as such.


One thing stands very clear…

There is definitely a link. PCOS is associated with diabetes, obesity, and chronic elevated levels of insulin.

You must understand that each of the above mentioned factors in itself are independent risk factors for Breast Cancer.

Moreover, a clear association between endometrial cancer and PCOS has been clinically proven. 

Ultimately ‘CANCER IS CANCER’. It requires active management

Thus it becomes exceedingly important that you do not ignore your condition. We run an exclusive breast clinic and here the things we do…

1. Breast Self Examination Training:

We educate each and every patient about the importance of routine self examination. We train patients to look out for any unusual lumps in the tissue at frequent intervals

2. Mammography:

If you have had family members with PCOS & breast cancer, there is definitely a risk of developing both conditions.

A mammography is nothing but an X-Ray of the breast tissue, and it helps us to screen for any suspicious lumps

3. Breast Biopsy:

Where a lump is suspected, the best thing to do would be to proceed with a biopsy of the involved tissue to rule out any cancerous condition.

4. Breast surgery & reconstruction:

We have a full fledged team of cosmetic experts and plastic surgeons who will assist you step by step in your complete recovery, should you surgery.

Most forms of breast cancer have excellent cure rates and its our job to ensure you get back to doing what you do best!.

My sincere advice to you ladies is take the effort and get treated right if you are suffering from PCOS.

All I want to say is that its just not worth it

Moreover, PCOS can be effectively reversed without any major treatments.

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