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PCOS also called polycystic ovarian syndrome/disease (PCOD) is an extremely difficult condition for women. PCOS Symptoms are highly varied and specific to an individual. Polycystic ovarian syndrome treatment is usually strictly individualized to the patient due to the highly variable nature of its presentation in general. 



We at chennai pcos clinic provide laparoscopy which is popularly known as keyhole surgery for the…



Hysteroscopy & hysteroscopic
procedures are among the many services provided at our centre…

PCOS and Acne

Dermatology Clinic

We have a dedicated dermatology
clinic to help many of our women clients who face various skin and…

obesity and PCOS

Obesity & Weight Management Clinic

Even a 5% loss of weight can improve your chances of conception by over 30 to 30%. Most women with PCOS suffer from obesity and constant weigh gain

irregular periods

Irregular Periods Management

PCOS is not the only reason for irregular periods. A host of other conditions can lead to irregular periods. 

Dr. Manus PCOS Clinic - Services

Pregnancy Care & Obstetrics

PCOS and its pregnancy related complications are a very real problem today that requires expert care

PCOS and irregular cycles

Fertility Treatments

Infertility is the biggest issue with PCOS. PCOS is one the top causes of female infertility affecting 1 in 6 women

do you have endometriosis or PCOS or both?

Endometriosis Management

PCOS is also seen along with endometriosis. The truth is, both need the right treatment. 

PCOS and breast cancer

Breast Clinic

PCOS, weight gain and the risk of breast cancer are interlinked. Which is exactly why you cannot ignore your health

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