PCOS: Precautionary Steps To Be Taken Before Pregnancy In PCOS

PCOS: Precautionary Steps To Be Taken Before Pregnancy In PCOS

PCOS is a complex hormonal disorder that affects up to one in every five females of reproductive age. For many women with PCOS, getting pregnant is a big step since they are afraid of conceiving. However, as the problems of PCOS remain during pregnancy, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of having a normal pregnancy. It is critical to constantly contact your doctors, and you can get the Best PCOS doctor in Chennai.

How to increase the chance of pregnancy for women with PCOS?

Women with PCOS have two primary hormonal issues: a considerable increase in the amount of luteinizing hormone, which increases ovulation in females and testosterone synthesis in males, and a significant drop in the level of follicle replicating hormone, which encourages the creation of ova or sperm. They generate fewer oestrogens, commonly known as female hormones, and more androgens, generally known as male hormones. It causes small cysts to grow in the ovaries.

Being in the best conceivable health before becoming pregnant raises the chances of pregnancy for all women. In most circumstances, this also contributes to the baby’s overall health. However, for women dealing with PCOS here are a few points to consider while and before pregnancy to get the best results-

  1. Your BMI indicates if you have healthy body weight and how much fat your body has. Consult Chennai PCOS Clinic about your weight and body mass index (BMI). Obese or overweight women with PCOS who lose weight regularly may experience frequent ovulation, increasing their chances of conception.
  2. Follow a healthy eating and exercise regimen. Get into the habit of eating better and being more physically active. Women above the age of 35 and those who are overweight have a reduced probability of becoming pregnant.
  3. To keep track of when you get your period, use an ovulation calendar or an app. It allows you to make a more accurate prediction about which days of the month you are more likely to become pregnant. Intercourse during the “fertile window” increases the chances of pregnancy for women who know they ovulate frequently.
  4. Examine your blood sugar levels. Consult your doctor to ensure that your blood sugar levels are adjusted. Your blood sugar levels are crucial in getting pregnant, having a successful pregnancy, and even in the future health of your kid.
  5. If you have PCOS, your body may produce more of the male hormone testosterone as well as the feminine hormone oestrogen. Too much (or too little) of these hormones might make it difficult to conceive. Your doctor may advise you to take prescription drugs to help regulate your hormones. 

Overall, women with PCOS have the same likelihood of becoming pregnant as those without PCOS. But it is better to visit a doctor if you are waiting for a long to get pregnant. Get the best PCOS Treatment in Chennai with all facilities and the best doctors who have expertise in this field. 

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