How Can I Prevent PCOS From Reocurring?

How to prevent PCOS recurring?

PCOS is diagnosed in most women when they are trying to get pregnant in their 20s or 30s. The chances are higher in overweight or obese women or if there is a family history of PCOS. Having undergone treatment to achieve fertility, it is common that women with PCOS neglect or ignore their symptoms after pregnancy and childbirth until such symptoms become a bother yet again. In such situations of repeated high risk, PCOS treatment in Chennai emphasizes lifestyle modifications and natural remedies to prevent PCOS from reoccurring.

Stay at a healthy weight to prevent PCOS from reoccurring

One of the significant side effects of PCOS in women is obesity. As a part of measures to prevent PCOS, it is integral to controlling weight and maintaining health. Weight loss can lower insulin and androgen levels, thereby restoring ovulation, which is a sign of good health. A healthy weight loss diet that includes fruits, vegetables and essential oils like omega 3, would help along with a programmed exercise regime for weight control. By maintaining the ideal weight as per body mass and height, women with PCOS can improve their health.

Maintain healthy eating habits to prevent PCOS from reoccurring

The best way to manage high insulin levels in PCOS is to have a diet routine that is balanced and nutritious. A well-balanced diet plan includes foods that increase good gut bacteria and lower blood sugar while giving enough strength to the body. Good diet habits for preventing PCOS include:

Low GI foods– A diet that is high in complex carbohydrates and low in the glycaemic index are mostly from fruits, vegetables and whole grains that help in regulating the menstrual cycle.

High protein diet– A good balance of carbohydrates and protein in day to day diet can reduce the chances of insulin resistance and PCOS from reoccurring. Following a strict high-protein diet plan that contains foods like Greek yoghurt or sesame seeds to restore good hormones is a natural way to get rid of PCOS.

High fibre content– Fibre decreases the chances of PCOS in two ways where it helps to digest sugars in a manner that insulin does not spike and also helps in better oestrogen metabolism.

Healthy fats– Cooking foods in healthy fats such as virgin coconut or olive oils are a better choice. Healthy fatty acids have the ability to regularise body metabolism and help in weight loss to control PCOS.

Organic foods– There is no added oestrogen in organic foods and this helps women less likely to develop PCOS. Additionally, higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins available in organic
foods help in restoring hormonal balance in women with PCOS.

Frequent eats– Eating as frequently as five or even six times a day allows for improved oestrogen
metabolism to prevent the recurrence of PCOS.

Avoid caffeine– Staying away from coffee is a great way to increase oestrogen levels and prevent PCOS. Thereby, it is crucial to develop the habit of not taking caffeine before worrying about recurring PCOS.

Other foods to avoid– One must steer away from processed sugars in any form or fast foods. Sweet-tooth cravings for candies, Indian sweets, brownies, cakes, etc., should be replaced with natural sugars present in fresh and dry fruits. Consumption of red meat should be cut down and drinking alcohol or smoking should be given up.

Be active and exercise to prevent PCOS from reoccurring

The key to working out is doing it regularly for the best PCOS treatment. Regular exercise helps lower blood sugar levels. To treat or prevent insulin resistance, increase daily activity and get regular exercise. Being active in the long run can also help in weight management and avoid developing other conditions like diabetes or hypertension. Exercise does not mean going to the gym as the only means, walks or working out at home are good as well.

Lower abdomen exercises like mountain climbers, scissors kicks and hip lifts are specific exercises that shed belly fat. Yoga, when practised regularly is also a good activity to help with weight control as it is an efficient and all-around exercise that helps burn stubborn fat.

Manage stress to prevent PCOS from reoccurring

Fast-paced life with physical and emotional stress can cause increased secretion of hormones like
cortisol and adrenaline. High levels of these hormones can lead to reduced oestrogen secretion. In
women with PCOS, stress reduction becomes vital and relaxation is an important way to support the
nervous system and stress hormone levels. A few things that can be done to reduce stress may

Sleep – Increased cortisol hormones due to lack of sleep is not a good sign. Maintaining a strict bedtime routine can control hormonal changes to some extent. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep by getting into the habit of going to bed early and rising early can work well.

Meditate – Guided meditation for a minimum of five to seven minutes every day will help release feel good hormones that induce relaxation.

Nature walk – Going for strolls in nature, surrounded by greenery and fresh air can distract the mind away from all the chaos that causes stress.

Spend quality time – Being with loved ones, be it family or friends is foremost in gaining the right perspective towards living a stress-free life.

Natural management of PCOS on the whole includes a few things that have to be genuinely considered and regulated. Hormonal changes in the body can be countered by increasing insulin resistance and stamina. A weight-control program, along with other home remedies for PCOS as suggested by the specialist can help in sustaining the goals towards preventing PCOS from reoccurring.

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