Can PCOS be cured?

If you have you recently had an ultrasound test for infertility issues or menstrual irregularities and your report says polycystic ovaries, your mind may be flooding with questions such as “What is pcos ?”, “Can pcos be cured?”,  ‘Is there a PCOS treatment?” “Is it possible getting pregnant with pcos ?” and so on.In this article we will elaborate on those aspects of PCOS.

What Is pcos?

PCOS results from an imbalance in the levels of the two sex hormones namely testosterone and estrogen in the womans body. The imbalance may be as a result of improper functioning and signalling by the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis which controls the secretion of various sex hormones. The full form of PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome and as it suggests the woman may have 12 or more follicles at a time in atleast one ovary which is detected by ultrasound examination.

How can I know if I have pcos?

If you have any of the problems such as excessive facial and body hair, infertility, obesity, dark patches of skin over neck and body creases, acne or menstrual irregularities you may have to get evaluated for PCOS by an expert.

Now that you have a fair idea on what is PCOS, you may be keen on understanding can pcos be cured?

PCOS does not have a definite cure as yet but surely its effects can be minimized by lifestyle changes and medications to alleviate symptoms. Lifestyle modifications such as low calorie diet and regular exercise play a major role in PCOS Treatment by way of leading to weight loss.

Can pcos be cured by losing weight?

Obesity is believed to be both the cause and effect of PCOS. So,in most women it tends to run a vicious cycle of obesity leading to pcos which further results in difficulty to loose weight. Weight loss helps in alleviate symptoms of pcos, improve ovulation and fertility and reduces chances of developing diabetes in women with pcos. Moderate exercise on a regular basis will help you lose weight steadily.

Are you curious about specific forms of exercise which will benefit you if your suffering from PCOS and are wondering can pcos be cured by yoga?

The idea is to undertake moderate intensity exercise on a regular basis irrespective of the kind of exercise. Yoga when done regularly under guidance of an expert will help keep your weight under check. Yoga may also help relieve stress associated with PCOS.

PCOS diet plan for you

Your diet must be rich in fibres, must compose mainly of lean proteins such as fish and should be good sources of anti inflammatory substances such as turmeric.

Foods to avoid are refined carbohydrates such as white bread ,sugary snacks and drinks and processed meat.

Can pcos be cured by medicines?

Medicines are mainly prescribed to reduce symptoms of pcos. If you are facing problems like:

  • Menstrual irregularities – your doctor may prescribe you hormonal pills or contraceptive pills to help regulate your hormonal levels thereby regulating your menses
  • Excess facial and body hair – your doctor may prescribe you medicines which block the effects of excess testosterone in your body which is the cause of excessive hair growth.
  • Insulin resistance and altered glucose tolerance-you may require medicines like metformin to help increase your body’s sensitivity to the insulin produced
  • Infertility-your doctor may prescribe you ovulation stimulating drugs

Losing weight will increase the effectiveness of the various medicines.

If you have been unable to conceive a baby and have symptoms of pcos, you may be worried

Getting pregnant with pcos – is it impossible?

The good news is it is not impossible for a woman with pcos to have a baby. PCOS may not necessarily lead to infertility in everyone.It is known to be associated with anovulatory cycles, where an ovum is not released during the course of menstrual cycle but there could be ovulatory cycles too during which the woman may conceive.

How to cure pcos naturally and get pregnant?

Diet control, exercise and weight loss play the biggest role in management of pcos. Weight loss will restore the hormonal balance of your body and in turn restore normal ovulation.Restoration of normal ovulatory menstrual cycles will help you get pregnant.

Most women with pcos only need a few healthy lifestyle changes like low calorie diet and regular exercise to get pregnant.

If you have been trying really long getting pregnant with pcos, you may then need the help of an expert.If your cycles persist to be anovulatory, your doctor may prescribe you medicines to stimulate ovulations so as to get you pregnant.

So,it is possible for a woman getting pregnant with pcos if ovulation is achieved and other causes of infertility have been ruled out by an expert.

Through this page I have tried bringing to you detailed answers to the question on the minds of many women with pcos-can pcos be cured? Hope the info was satisfying. I will soon be back with more frequently asked questions regarding pcos.

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