Who are we?

A specialized PCOS only service

Much of what we know about PCOS has changed in the last 20 years.

PCOS now affects over 26.7% of women in the reproductive age group

The development of PCOS is based on the patient’s state of health, nutrition, environment and genetics that interact in complex ways we yet cannot fully understand.

Our medical team of the finest PCOS experts is led by Dr Manu, a pioneer PCOS clinician and researcher in chennai who conceptualized that PCOS needs a dedicated treatment strategy to address its root cause

Dr Manu's PCOS Clinic is dedicated to 'reversing PCOS'

Good medicine or the right medicine is not about treating the symptoms of disease.

It is rather about first identifying the cause and then treating the cause to remove the disease.

PCOS is women presents with different symptoms in different women in a variety of complex.

As trained medical practitioners we cannot use a ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ treatment approach.

Treatments for disease states like PCOS needs to be highly individualized depending on each patients treatment goals.

This is the very essence of personalized medicine. There is no one specific PCOD problem solution

Dr Manu’s PCOS Clinic is the first of its kind with a contrarian multidisciplinary approach instituted by a group of doctors comprising of a Fertility specialist, Endocrinologist, Obesity Physicians, Laparoscopic Surgeons and Aesthetic Physicians.

The Clinic aims to treat all issues arising out of the disease severity under one roof with knowledge sharing among dedicated professionals who put cutting edge patient care above all else.

Obesity physicians combined with Endocrinologists and fertility experts handle the hormonal imbalance which causes the obesity and the irregular periods.

Skilled aesthetic physicians help with the dermatological issues.

Our experts in stem cell research administer PRP for Infertility and also for stimulating the ovaries.

Acupuncture has been gaining popularity as an alternative therapy for PCOS and our acupuncture specialists are very adept at handling PCOS patients.

Results at our center for acupuncture have been very promising and we prefer this over surgery for most of our patients combined with medical and weight loss programs.

The Center has two branches and are both strategically located.

The OMR branch is easily accessible to all the IT patients and the T Nagar unit is more central.

The ambiance is very pleasant, the staff very friendly and the doctors empathetic, skilled and very professional.

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