How to Know if You Have PCOS or Endometriosis | Chennai PCOS

How to know if you have PCOS or endometriosis

PCOS and endometriosis often go undiagnosed simply because the unique anatomy of women afflicts them to assume that their symptoms are just variations of a normal menstrual cycle. Many years may go by before women know if they have PCOS or Endometriosis as both the conditions may show overlapping symptoms making it difficult to get … Read more

Can PCOS Lead to Cancer? | Chennai PCOS Clinic

Can PCOS Lead to Cancer

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), as a common endocrine disease, has a high prevalence in the female population. Hyperandrogenism, menstrual irregularity, and a polycystic morphology of the ovary are the symptoms of PCOS in women. The manifestation of insulin resistance, insulin secretory defects, menstrual dysfunction, and androgen excess are the high risks in women with PCOS. … Read more

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