Are You Suffering From Irregular Cycles?

Did you know that in over 60% of women the cause of irregular cycles is PCOS?. PCOS is also the leading cause of infertility. But, truth is PCOS is easily treatable. In fact PCOS is even ‘reversible’. It’s just that no one in the healthcare industry wants to cure condition. But we have, our PCOS treatments have. Your freedom from PCOS is below. Schedule a consultation with Dr Manu, PCOS EXPERT at Dr. Manu’s PCOS Clinic.

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PCOS presents with over 30 symptoms. PCOS has been well associated with Infertility, chronic fatigue, weight gain , resistance, acne and host of other problems. Interestingly, most women diagnosed with PCOS will only manifest 1 or 2 symptoms. The top symptoms of course being irregular cycles and its associated infertility. Our PCOS treatment is tailored to not only relieve you of the distressing PCOS symptoms but to also repair the root cause with non invasive therapies wherever possible. No wonder many of our patients have considered us the among the best hospital for pcos treatment in chennai.

3 things that make us different

Personalized care

Every patient with PCOS has a unique issue. PCOS Treatments need to be highly individualized to each and every patient depending on the nature of complaints and more importantly treatment objectives. This is exacty what we do best!

Next Generation Testing

Why did you get PCOS in the first place?. Before starting any treatment for PCOS it first becomes important to establish the cause of it. Learn the importance of undergoing the right tests for PCOS

Certified UK Trained Experts

Dr Manu MBBS, MRCOG (U.K), FRM has over 20 years of clinical experience & research in treating PCOS naturally. Expereince a life changing treatment with Dr Manu today and reverse PCOS now

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What is the big deal about PCOS?

PCOS & Irregular Cycles

One of the top symptoms of PCOS is irregular cycles or missed periods. Infertility is ultimately a consequence. An irregular cycle is a sign that you are not ovulating. An estimated 26.7% of women in the childbearing age group have PCOS.

PCOS and irregular cycles
obesity and PCOS

PCOS & Obesity

Over 80% of women with PCOS are obese or overweight. This is a  very scary figure!. The truth is PCOS goes hand in hand with weight gain. Obesity is an inflammatory state and wrecks the regularity of your body hormones leading to irregular cycles, infertility and diabetes

PCOS & Diabetes

About 70% of women with PCOS have some form of resistance. This for most women ultimately leads to type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The triad of resistance, obesity & weight gain leads to high risk of Diabetes in women with PCOS

PCOS and Acne

PCOS & Acne

The biggest issue with PCOS is that the production of hormones is actually messed up. What happens then is that the uterine lining becomes unduly thick leading to heavy flows during the monthly periods

PCOS & Excess Hair

Studies indicate that 1 in 8 women with PCOS will have excess facial hair. This is again due to excess androgens. This is called hirsutism. Some women with PCOS may also develop  thin hair & a typical male pattern of balding.

PCOS and excess hair
PCOS and heavy bleeding

PCOS & Heavy Bleeding

Many women with PCOS have acne. Now these acne results from excess testosterone that is being secreted from the ovaries. This androgen imbalance affects both the quality of eggs produced and also causes acne

Do not suffer with PCOS. Get the right PCOS Treatment today

The Truth about PCOS Blog

How many days to confirm pregnancy for irregular periods?

With irregular menstrual cycles, it may become difficult for you when you miss a period, to say if you are actually pregnant or if its just those highly unpredictable and haphazhard cycles. Through this article we will bring to you few tips on early detection of pregnancy

PCOS and breast cancer

How to get pregnant with PCOS and no period

The issues most women with PCOS face are not having regular periods and infertility. So,the question that haunts them is how to get pregnant with pcos and no period. Read on and you will find elaborate answers.

Can PCOS be cured?

If you have you recently had an ultrasound test for infertility issues or menstrual irregularities and your report says polycystic ovaries, your mind may be flooding with questions such as “What is pcos ?”, “Can pcos be cured?”, “Is it possible getting pregnant with pcos ?” and so on.In this article we will elaborate on those aspects of PCOS.

PCOS and infertility treatments

Can PCOS be cured Completely?

It is a question asked by most of the women suffering from PCOS. So we are bringing to you answers to it from our experts. Before we get to ‘can PCOS be cured completely?’ let us give you an insight into what is PCOS.

Can PCOS be cured by Losing Weight?

Have you been on treatment for PCOS and been advised by your gynecologist to lose weight? Let us clear your doubts about can PCOS be cured by losing weight? Through this article we will try to bring to you some facts about obesity and PCOS.

do you have endometriosis or PCOS or both?

Complication of PCOS

Though PCOS in itself is not something you need to panic about, just like any other health derangement, early recognition and prompt treatment is very important so as to avoid complication of pcos which may arise in future. PCOS has certain effects on your body which in due course of time may make you prone to these complications of pcos.


The most common question's on PCOS we get from our patients

PCOS is most common among women in the child bearing age. PCOS however can occur at any age after puberty. PCOS also has some genetic risk. For example if your mother had PCOS, you are also likely to develop it

Common symptoms of PCOS include acne, weight gain with obesity. irregular cycles or heavy intermittent bleeding, excess facial hair. Other symptoms include depression and sleep apnea in smaller proportion of patients.

PCOS can be easily treated. In fact from a fertility viewpoint, PCOS treatments are fairly straightforward and easy. You can definitely get pregnant naturally with PCOS provided you take the right treatment

Experts do not exactly know as why PCOS occurs in the first place. We believe from our research that a combination of genetic predisposition, combined with weight gain, obesity and resitance leads to PCOS

PCOS definitely raises your risk of certain health conditions. These include

A. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
B. High Blood Pressure
C. Cholesterol and heart disease
D. Depression, anxiety
E. Sleep apnoea
F. Endomtetrial cancer

Unfortunately, this answer is not a simple one. Different patients present in different ways. PCOS treatments have to be individualized for a long lasting benefits. Its not just about weight loss and medications. PCOS treatments are designed to prevent a host of potential long term complications when done right. Treatments are usually multidisciplinary. 

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See what our patients have to say

I suffered from PCOD for over 12 years. I visited numerous so called experts who all said that I could conceive only with IVF. I then met Dr Manu from a close family referral. Today I am now the mother of 2 children!!. May god bless you ma'am. Continue the awesome work you are doing
PCOS testimonial
Krithika Raj
Model & Fashion Designer
I had PCO issues for a vey long time, the acne on my face was especially terrible. I had visited numerous doctor and had spent lakhs on treatments. I then met Dr. Manu, all she gave was a diet. I am now completely well and better than ever!. Dr Manu is definitely an authority on PCO problems
PCOS testimonial 2
Sowmya Mohan
HR Manager
Dr. Manulakshmi is simply amazing. She is definitely the top doctor for treating PCOD problems. After 5 years of shuffling between numerous experts, I finally found my relief from the conddition with Dr Manu. Maam I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Archana Kalyan


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